Patient Services at Peninsula Wellness

Over the past two years, we have served a wide variety of patients walking in and out of our dispensary. During this time, we have identified the need to serve some of these patients in a greater capacity. Thus, Patient Services was born. Patient Services is a program available at Peninsula Wellness to help patients who may have a lack of experience with cannabis, difficulties with dosing, product selection or any other cannabis related issue. Through scheduled, private consultations, we can assist you in setting realistic goals and expectations with your medical cannabis regimen, as well as suggest a cannabinoid and terpene protocol that would best suit your needs. At your private consultation you will be provided with customized education and printed educational materials. You will also be given the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have. While we do not claim to treat any symptoms. We will suggest a personalized protocol to address your symptoms.

Our program benefits anyone interested in a deeper understanding of cannabinoid-based. medicine. We offer private, scheduled consultations, customized cannabinoid education, printed educational documents to help guide you through your wellness plan as well as other perks. Our licensed pharmacist will also evaluate your prescription drugs for any interactions with cannabis. Peninsula Wellness is a patient-centered cannabinoid-based medicine facility. We provide cannabinoid education and guidance on the incorporation of medical cannabis into your wellness plan and encourage success through documentation and communication. Although we do not offer medical advice, we strive to navigate patients through cannabis therapy on a path to wellness.

If you feel this program may apply to you, please email us to schedule your first consultation.