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2021 was a big year for Maryland’s cannabis industry. Hear from Peninsula Alternative Health CEO Anthony Darby and other professionals leading the charge in MD's medical cannabis market and what they expect may happen in the new year.

We are recently on WBOC's Delmarva Life segment and had our Clinical Director and CEO explain exactly why we chose to open our doors and what we are here to do with each passing day for our community!
Anthony Darby began his medical cannabis career in 2015 when he and four friends set out to introduce medical cannabis to the Salisbury community.
We are officially open and WMDT 47 ABC decided to come out how our new campus is here to serve our community. Click the title above to hear and see more!
Check out WMDT feature on the new Wellness Center.  We are excited for the public to see the new facility when it opens in the near future.  Take a look at the article to get yourself excited about seeing what is to come.
Check out one of our original press spotlights. Harkening back to our Peninsula Alternative Health roots, this article outlines Mary Pat's experience through the application process and becoming one of the state's first clincial directors.
Revisit the exclusive look at the dispensary opening its doors - the first time around.  WMDT featured the dispensary during one of their nighly news casts during the opening days of the original dispensary opening.
Read through Anthony Darby's thoughts on the possiblity of adult use cannabis coming to the state of Maryland.