We specialize in cannabinoid-based therapies
We provide cannabinoid education and guidance and encourage success through documentation and communication. Although we do not offer medical or medication advice, we strive to navigate patients through cannabis therapy on a path to wellness. In addition to walk-in services, we provide more in-depth patient evaluation and consulting services through either our telehealth platform or in person at our Wellness Campus.
Our knowledgeable and experienced team of Patient Consultants will assist you in setting realistic goals and expectations, as well as suggest a cannabinoid and terpene protocol that would best meet your needs if appropriate. At your private, telehealth or sit-down consultation, you will be provided with customized information and educational materials in digital or paper form.
You will also be given the opportunity to ask specific questions or address any concerns you may have. While we do not claim to treat or cure any condition or symptom, rather we will suggest a protocol to help address your symptoms.
Benefits To The Program
- Intimate/private consultation away from a fast-paced dispensary floor.
- Customized cannabis education specific to your state of health.
- Printed or digital educational materials such as dosing log, a custom dosing protocol, cannabinoid/terpene educational items and community resources.
- Our licensed pharmacist will evaluate your prescription drugs for any interactions with     cannabis.
Once Referred to the Program...
- Check your email regularly, you will receive an invitation into our client portal which will allow us to communicate safely and securely.
- Once your paperwork is completed you will receive a message from one of our team members. This team member will help schedule your first consultation.
Interested In Participating?
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