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At Peninsula Wellness, we believe the best way to achieve your optimal level of health and wellness is to combine diverse backgrounds and ideas to challenge the status quo. Our leadership team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds.  Each team member brings a unique mindset that when combined, allow Peninsula Wellness to empower our clients on their path toward a better, healthier, and more fulfilling life.
Leadership Team
Dr. Mary Pat Hoffman, Pharm D.
CBD, Cannabis, CBD Oil, Salisbury, Weed, Marjuana
Over 15 years ago Mary Pat Hoffman, PharmD, discovered medical cannabis when seeking an alternative form of relief for her elderly cancer patient who was experiencing extreme nausea from chemotherapy. From that day on, Hoffman set out to bring medical cannabis to Maryland through education, outreach and advocacy, and has been an integral part of Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Industry since its inception. As a founding partner of Peninsula Alternative Health, Hoffman now serves as the Clinical Director at PAH and has seen more patient success stories during her time at the dispensary than during her 18 years behind a pharmacy counter.
A native of Maryland, Hoffman graduated from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy with Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in 1997. She began working in local community pharmacies where she developed trustworthy relationships with her patients to help them navigate the complicated web of healthcare. A strong believer in the power of education, throughout the course of Hoffman’s education and professional training, she’s been exposed to many areas of direct patient care and studied biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacodynamics
After discovering medical cannabis, Hoffman began diving into studies and peer reviewed articles, and was immediately fascinated by the history, safety, efficacy, and broad range of potential clinical applications. Hoffman took to educating others and co-instructed “Selected Topics in Medicinal Cannabis” at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy before opening PAH.
As the PAH Clinical Director, Hoffman trains all employees on the medical aspects of cannabis, evaluates the medical claims and efficacies of products, consults with patients, interfaces with growers and suppliers for quality control and is a liaison with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.
Having studied prescription medications for over 20 years, Hoffman believes in the power of cannabis as a medicine and is dedicated to making it accessible for patients in a professional and responsible manner.
Hoffman lives with her husband and daughter in Ocean City. She has been a proud vegetarian since age 3 and believes in the empowerment a healthy lifestyle brings..
Chuck Henn
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Drawn to the wellness through intense athletics and physical activity, Chuck Henn has continuously expanded his mind / body wellness for the last 20 years.  Starting with team athletics at a young age, he has always found himself using exercise as a healthy outlet, to alleviate the frustration and stress that builds up from day to day.  Constantly seeking out unchartered territory, Chuck has found himself exploring wellness techniques like float tanks and breathing exercises to further his mind / body connection. 
Chuck is Chief Operating Officer and founding partner of the Peninsula Wellness, Peninsula Holistics and Peninsula Alternative Health.  In this role he is tasked with envisioning the broader picture, and strategy, of how the enterprise will operate, as well as executing the tasks needed to implement the larger strategies..
Before joining the Peninsula Wellness team full time, he served as a foreman with Freestate Electric in the IBEW.  In this role he managed teams of electrician’s and oversaw construction projects from start to finish. This experience gave him the skills to manage large and highly detailed projects and operations. Other experience comes from working as an assistant project manager and superintendent at Ditto Residential where he helped lead a team on the award winning Oslo Shaw project. Chuck earned a BS in finance from Salisbury University, where he also served as an equity analyst for the Perdue School student investment fund.
While not working on the Wellness Enterprise, Chuck is grateful to spend time with his wife, children and their two rescue dogs.
Anthony Darby
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Anthony Darby began his medical cannabis career in 2015 when he and four friends set out to introduce medical cannabis to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. As the first and largest dispensary on the Eastern Shore, Darby and his team aimed to change the face of the industry and provide alternative medicine to patients who could benefit from safe access to quality cannabis. As the CEO of Peninsula Alternative Health, Darby helped lead the launch of the dispensary, and now currently oversees all facets of the business including daily operations, vendor and community relations, and managing the dispensary team.
In 2017, the Peninsula Alternative Health team launched Peninsula Holistics. Established to fill a product gap in the emerging market of hemp-based cannabinoid medicine, Darby is the CEO and helped lead the team into bringing a quality-controlled, lab-tested Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture to market. In his role, Darby leads product innovation, wholesaler relationships and consumer-facing education.
Bringing the businesses of Peninsula Alternative Health and Peninsula Holistics together, Darby is now the CEO of the Peninsula Wellness campus which opened in 2020 and focuses on utilizing holistic practices to improve vitality throughout the community.
No stranger to entrepreneurship, Darby has launched and participated in several start-ups throughout his career including a payment processing company that is still in operation. Darby’s love of the Eastern Shore community began during his time at Salisbury University where he earned a BA in Political Science. He is a member of the Greater Salisbury Committee and has served on the board of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club International.
A father of three daughters, Darby lives in Salisbury and enjoys spending time with his family by the water and playing lacrosse with friends. 
Dan Korpon
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For the better part of two decades Dan has been fascinated with the mind / body connection that is prevalent in all of us. His fascination with this connection has led him to explore many different avenues, both scientific and spiritual in his quest to find the optimal balance between the mind, body, and soul.
Like many people today Dan is often left feeling overwhelmed and anxious with everything that needs to get done. To maintain his overall wellness and balance he relies heavily on regular regimen of physical exercise and breathing exercises to diffuse the constant barrage of anxiety that every day can bring.
Dan is a founding partner and serves as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technology Officer for the entire Wellness enterprise, including: Peninsula Wellness, Peninsula Holistics & Peninsula Alternative Health. In his CFO role, he oversees everything related to the finances of the enterprise and is charged with building the businesses in a financially sustainable way so that we can invest back into the communities that Wellness serves. As CTO, Dan focuses on researching and implementing new technologies to make the patient experience as seamless and easy as possible in additional performing any financial and data analysis that is needed.
He received his BA in Economics from Salisbury University in 2005 and his MS in Applied and Industrial Mathematics from Towson University in 2014, where in his spare time he tutored MBA and Ph. D. students in Mathematics. After graduating from Salisbury in 2005 where he was a 3x National Champion goalie for the Salisbury Men's Lacrosse Team, he was employed by a variety of Fortune 500 Financial firms and DOD Contractors to do advanced analytics as well as build ERP systems.
Prior to working on only the Wellness Enterprise, beginning with PAH in October 2018, Dan was employed by Anne Arundel Hospital System (AAHS) as a Senior Data Scientist where he worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from data analytics for contract negotiations with major insurance companies, to reducing the amount of opioids prescribed by the hospital system.
When not working on Peninsula Wellness, Dan enjoys being physically active, learning about any and everything and spending time with his wife, three boys and their Siberian Husky, Sasha.
Donnie Jackson
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Donnie Jackson is the Director of Patients Services at Peninsula Wellness. He consults with patients interested in cannabinoid-based therapy. Through communication and documentation, he offers patients in his program a better understanding of cannabinoids and terpenes. He also works directly with the Operations, Marketing and Management Teams, coordinating, creating and helping shape the future of Peninsula Wellness.
If you would like to contact Donnie, email him at: jackson@peninsulamd.com, or stop in Peninsula Wellness at 1003 Mt. Herman Road, Salisbury, MD, 21804.
Donnie was a day one employee with the company. He takes great pride in whatever he is doing, whether it be face to face with a patient or growing with the company side by side with his coworkers. Donnie brings passion, dedication and a great spirit to the company.
Brandon Bell
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Brandon Bell is the Director of Marketing here at Peninsula Wellness. With that, he oversees all marketing efforts across the Peninsula family of brands. With tasks ranging from sponsoring events to directing a video production, he brings his experience in visual and audible arts as well as project management in order to help drive the overall message of bringing easy access to holistic wellness tools to the community. You can reach him directly with marketing inquiries at: bell@peninsulamd.com.