We at Peninsula Wellness are proud of our past and will continue to stay grounded in our roots as we move forward into the future. Having access to cannabinoid medicine is an incredible opportunity but one lost if not used properly and in conjunction with other applications of health and wellness.
Through these realizations and our experience having started Peninsula Alternative Health, the first medical cannabis dispensary on the eastern shore, we identified three critical areas, or pillars in which Peninsula Wellness was founded and will serve the community.
First, our Patient Services division will allow anyone to set an appointment either in person or virtually with one of our consultants who will guide and educate you on your journey.
Second, our non-cannabis retail shop will be open to anyone in the community looking for reputable and tested hemp derived products such as our very own Peninsula Holistics CBD line, along with other natural and holistic alternatives to traditional medicine.  If you can't make it into our Wellness Campus, check out our online store where you can purchase all the same products you see on Campus.
Finally, our Educational services and content will provide the foundation for growth. Our Wellness Campus will host a variety of on-site and virtual events, produce relevant and useful thought content from industry experts and most importantly provide a sense of community.
Our journey is one of experimentation and growth, one that will continue to evolve as our community grows. We believe it is our purpose to provide these resources to our community and believe in everything we do. We  practice what we preach, and we look forward to sharing that with you!