The Peninsula Podcast: Over A Year In Review

Wow, it’s already been a full year of our Peninsula Podcast!

Since our first episode back in August of 2020, we’ve interviewed and learned a ton from 23 incredible people in the cannabis and wellness spaces.

The goals of the Peninsula Podcast are to:

  • Bring open and intimate conversations with leading members in the Maryland Wellness movement and beyond
  • Help lead the way in breaking the stigma around cannabis (excelling in its medical understanding and application)
  • Empower the community with a variety of wellness tools
  • Offer them the place to share in their words, gifts, and efforts.

Some of our noteworthy interviews include:

  • Cameron Taylor from Shore Natural Rx on what differentiates them from other growers

Our podcast is currently available everywhere online including AnchorYouTubeSpotify and Apple Podcasts.

Stay tuned for year 2, where we'll be interviewing more incredible guests!

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Episode 1 | Chrissy Ehrhart

Episode 2 | Jeri Miller

Episode 3 | Rachel Schulze

Episode 4 | Grace Foxwell Murdock & Martin Hutchinson

Episode 5 | Wendy Bronfien & Rebecca Raphael

Episode 6 | Dani Hart

Episode 7 | Jermichael Mitchell

Episode 8 | Eryck Stamper

Episode 9 | Mike Cardozo

Episode 10 | Nurse Laura Barrett-Nutting

Episode 11 | Jordan Terry

Episode 12 | Brandon Bell

Episode 13 | Connor Sheffield

Episode 14 | Darryl Hill

Episode 15 | Donnie Jackson

Episode 16 | Manny Jay

Episode 17 | Donnie Waters

Episode 18 | Brian Meyers

Episode 19 | Mike Brenner

Episode 20 | Cameron Taylor

Episode 21 | Jay Bouton

Episode 22 | Dr. Mary Pat Hoffman

Episode 23 | Alex Bassen

Episode 24 | David Myrowitz