One Year, today!

Can you believe it? Our doors have been officially open for a full year! Our goal has always been to bring you holistic empowerment tools with as much ease and convenience as possible, and we are humbled to have been able to serve you in all the various ways we have!

Over the course of this last year our product lines have expanded, our community room has held both online and virtual yoga classes, we have held over 40 virtual education classes, we shot over 20 podcast episodes, and our Patient Services division has assisted in countless sessions helping members of our community enroll in Maryland's medical cannabis program!

Of course, this wasn't without its hardships! After all, we did come into fruition in the midst of a global pandemic. However, this never stopped us, it only gave us more direction and motivation!

The approach we've taken here has always been holistic. We know that cannabis, THC, or CBD aren't the only factors that lead to good health, but that their inclusion along with stress management, proper nutrition, exercise, and a holistic way of living is what brings true and total wellness.

As we move into year number 2 at Peninsula Wellness, we look forward to bringing you and the rest of our community new and exciting resources and classes to aid you in your overall wellness and health goals.

Stay tuned for events as we announce them on social media and here on our blog and be sure to take advantage of our storewide 15% off sale taking place all day today!