Introducing Peninsula Wellness

Back in April we made an exciting announcement that our team would be launching the Peninsula Wellness campus in Summer 2020. With the progression of the medical cannabis industry, our businesses have continued to evolve over the years and the new Peninsula Wellness campus will give us the opportunity to serve our community more completely by offering a holistic approach to care with a continued focus on cannabinoid medicine. An extended line of consultative services, educational opportunities, a home for the Peninsula Alternative Health dispensary, a retail shop featuring lab tested hemp derived products, and events in our community room are just a handful of the offerings we’re looking forward to introducing at the new campus

When planning the launch of the Peninsula Wellness brand, it was important for us to build an identity that would keep us grounded in our roots and humble beginnings, while also representing the evolution of the Peninsula Consulting-owned brands (Peninsula Alternative Health and Peninsula Holistics), and our CEO Anthony Darby and our entire team are proud to share the story behind our new name, logo and tagline.

Peninsula Wellness – What’s in a Name?

The Peninsula Wellness campus will be the home base for all our businesses and it was important that our new name be a continuation of our roots, while also giving a nod to our location on the “Peninsula.”

“Delmarva is where we’ve been fortunate enough to grow our businesses over the years and we wanted the name of our campus to represent that and continue to show the pride we have for our home,” Darby said.

“Wellness” represents the campus’ main mission which is to give patients the opportunity to achieve their comprehensive health goals and overall wellness. By granting access to explore an interdisciplinary approach to cannabinoid-based medicine, patients will be more empowered to manage their total wellness from both a mental and physical perspective.

Our Look

We wanted our visual identity to connect to the name of our new campus and the team agreed that the logo must represent: continuity of our brands, our overall wellness mission, and the naturally and growth of our industry.

“All of our logos are simple and direct and we wanted this logo to demonstrate that same straightforwardness, but to also showcase the evolution and power of the combined brands,” Darby said.

All the “Peninsula” brand identities have been built upon natural remedies, plant-based medicine and holistic practices, and the leaf in the Wellness logo represents plant-based medicine, without being cannabis-forward.

“Peninsula Wellness is more than just a medical cannabis dispensary, and it was important for our logo to demonstrate that,” Darby said. “We will see patients interested in hemp-derived CBD products, but they may not be a patient of the dispensary. Peninsula Wellness will take a holistic approach to medicine unlike any other facility on the Shore.”

The water element in the logo gives a nod to our location on the Eastern Shore between several large bodies of water, and growth is signified with the leaf extending and growing out of the ground.

“The “growth” represents the growth of our businesses, the medical cannabis industry and also the empowerment were hoping our patients will achieve through the services and education the campus will offer,” Darby said.

“Your Home for Holistic Empowerment”

The tagline sums up the mission of Peninsula Wellness and shows what we’re all about.

“This campus is a dream our team has been developing over the years and we will now have the space needed to help patients educate themselves on our holistic offerings,” Darby said. “Peninsula Wellness will truly be a home for patients to feel empowered to manage their health like never before.”

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Special thanks for Nicole Abresch of NEA Designs for helping to develop of new visual identity!